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A fast solution to slow-cooked pork

An Orange Wood Smoked Maple Pork Belly that can be oven-cooked from frozen in under 30 minutes, o... More


Blakemans expands with £1.35m production facility

Sausage manufacturer James T Blakemans has opened a new £1.35 million production facility at its High Carr factory in Newcastle. 

Signalling expansion within the cooked meat market for Blakemans, the move sees a cold store room converted into a manufacturing facility which handles raw ingredients to cooked product all in one auditable area.

The extra capacity has enabled Blakemans to increase its cooked volume by up to 35%, the equivalent of an extra 42,000kg, with less handling of its products whilst still maintaining full traceability.

From weighing meat when it first comes in, to the finished cooked product leaving the frying facility takes less than 50 minutes, which has the benefit of reducing the lead time for customers in the ever fast paced food industry.

World Strong Man Eddie Hall was at the opening where he pulled the first production load from the new premises.


KFC delivers with Just Eat

Chicken giant KFC has teamed up with online takeaway service Just Eat


Every day five million Britons will eat sausages


Hangover-preventing meat snack launched

A London-based craft meat business has developed what it claims is the world's first hangover preventing meat treat

McDonald’s launches cook to order premium burgers

McDonald's has launched a new range of premium burgers featuring a thicker beef patty and a brioche-style bun

On the pull

Pulled meats are smoking hot right now and there’s nothing stopping fish and chip shops from getting in on the action

Down to business

Visitors to the T. Quality Fish Frying & Fast Food Show were on the lookout for deals, new menu items and ideas to take their businesses forward

A third of vegetarians admit to eating meat when drunk

Over one-third of vegetarians admit to eating meat when drunk with kebabs and burgers being the food most likely to tempt them

Burger King brings black burger to the UK

Burger King is encouraging customers to “embrace the darkness” as it launches a burger served in a black bun to mark Halloween
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