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Feel the heat with Schwartz Sriracha Seasoning

Described as a tomato sauce with a kick, Sriracha is becoming so popular as a condiment that McCo... More


McDonald's launches mobile ordering app

McDonald’s has launched a new app which allows customers to order food from their smartphones and collect from their nearest restaurant.

By downloading the app, fast food lovers can browse the menu, see what’s new and check out nutritional information before ordering their meal on the go.

To receive an order, diners must check-in by scanning a QR code when they arrive at their chosen restaurant, at which point staff will start preparing the food.

The app is only currently available at 22 of McDonald’s restaurants, including one in Cardiff and nine in London. It is expected to roll out the service to a majority of its sites within the next 18 months.


KFC delivers with Just Eat

Chicken giant KFC has teamed up with online takeaway service Just Eat


Every day five million Britons will eat sausages


Peter’s acquires Mom’s Fabulous Foods

Peter's Foodservice has acquired the Farnham-based gourmet hot dog business Mom's Fabulous Foods.

New hot dog made with British Farm Assured pork

Mom’s has added to its range of gluten free hot dogs with a new variety using British Farm Assured meat

Restaurant banned from serving pink burgers

A Portsmouth restaurant has lost its court battle to sell burgers that are pink in the middle

Hangover-preventing meat snack launched

A London-based craft meat business has developed what it claims is the world's first hangover preventing meat treat

McDonald’s launches cook to order premium burgers

McDonald's has launched a new range of premium burgers featuring a thicker beef patty and a brioche-style bun

On the pull

Pulled meats are smoking hot right now and there’s nothing stopping fish and chip shops from getting in on the action
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