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Modern new espresso packs from Drury

The Drury Tea & Coffee Company has introduced a new range of packaging for its espresso coffees. More


Hot drinks scheme buys a beverage for locals in need

Kind-hearted regulars at a Weymouth chip shop are providing hot drinks to vulnerable locals via a “Suspended Coffee” scheme.

Fish ’n’ Fritz launched the initiative three years ago, offering customers the opportunity to pay for a tea or coffee for someone less fortunate each time they buy one for themselves. The chippy is averaging around 10-15 hot beverages are being put on a slate every week.

Owner Paul Hays comments: “The scheme is very simple. When you come in, if you want to pay for an additional coffee we note that down. Then if someone in need comes in and asks for a Suspended Coffee, we will check the balance and give them one from the customers ‘suspended’ account.”

Paul has extended the idea to include food, adding: “When a guy came in for a Suspended Coffee, I gave him some fish and chips as well. The guy was over the moon and promised to come back in and pay, to which I said “It’s OK, you don’t have to, it’s for you”.

“I have worked with the homeless and the charities supporting them for many years and this scheme is a really great extension of that. Just look at what has happened locally over the last few weeks, now more than ever, it’s important that we look after everyone around us, especially someone who is less fortunate than ourselves.”
Suspended Coffee, or ‘caffè sospeso’ as it is also known, is credited with starting in Naples, Italy. When someone had some luck they would buy a sospese, two coffees but only drink one, gifting the other to someone else.



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What does your tea choice say about you?

Tetley Tea has teamed up with one of the UK’s leading body language to discover what a person’s choice of tea says about their personality

Celebrate Yorkshire Day for a chance to win an iPad Mini

Taylors of Harrogate is giving away five iPad Minis to mark Yorkshire Day, which takes place this Thursday

Feel Good launches cocktails in a can

Feel Good Drinks has extended its popular non-alcoholic cocktail range to include a handy single-serve 250ml can

Nescafé launches barista coffee in an instant

Combining the taste and aroma of barista style coffee with the ease and simplicity of granules is new Azera from Nescafe.

Dinkum creates Cappuccino Cool thickshakes

Friers can now produce thickshakes using Cappuccino Cool from Dinkum Products.

Drury adds flavour to teabag range

The Drury Tea & Coffee Company has added four new varieties to its range of pyramid teabags