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Around the world in six new flavours

Flagship Europe has made some additions to its range of House of Lords BBQ sauces with six new fl... More


Drywite launches new-look catalogue

has launched a new 2017/18 catalogue which boasts a modern look as well as a host of brand new products and ideas to help chip shops improve their offering.

Drawing on more than 80 years of supplying the frying industry, operators will be introduced to Mr Wite, a new character who offers tips and features throughout the brochure.

As well as popular long-standing products such as chip bins, pea ladles and Drywite potato preparation formula, the catalogue features a number of innovative new items, for example a specially designed portion control scoop. Developed alongside industry body recommendations and in response to friers’ concerns about oversize portions, the scoop is available in three sizes — 6oz, 8oz and 10oz — and is made in the UK.

Look out for your new Drywite 2017/18 catalogue being delivered with the April and May issues of Fry Magazine.
Drywite 01384 569556 www.drywite.co.uk



Each person consumes on average three bottles of tomato ketchup a year


Pledge your support for Coeliac UK & Knorr will donate £1

Knorr gluten-free gravy is raising money for Coeliac UK through a new social media campaign called Thunderclap

Stokes steps up its sauces with sachet range

Stokes Sauces is launching what it describes as a range of “generous but sensible” contemporary sauce sachets

T. Quality launches Chip Shop Tomato Ketchup

T. Quality is launching a 200ml tomato ketchup bottle under the Chip Shop brand

Selling sauces

We’ve teamed up with Heinz Foodservice and four leading fish and chip shops to trial its Heinz SqueezMe! range of condiments

Drywite duo

Drywite has launched two new products specifically for the fish and chip shop sector

Young's reveals the nation's favourite fish supper

We are a nation of traditionalists according to a survey carried out by Young’s Seafood
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