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Pier pressure

An insurance policy with industry experts Wrapped plus state-of-the-art ANSUL Fire Suppression Systems fitted on its ranges are providing peace of mind at Deep Blue’s latest opening on South Parade Pier, Portsmouth

Standing derelict for more than four years, the Grade II listed South Parade Pier in Portsmouth, Hampshire, has partially re-opened this month after a £5 million refurbishment. Families are already being attracted to the pier by Harry Levy amusements, an ice cream parlour and, at the heart of it, a Deep Blue fish and chip takeaway.

When the Edwardian structure, originally built in 1879, is completely operational by August, it will also be home to Deep Blue’s largest sit down restaurant at 275 seats, as well as fun fair rides, shops and a number of jetties offering daily boat trips to the nine million people that visit Portsmouth every year.
Investing around £750,000 in the two new sites, and with piers being particularly susceptible to fires, Deep Blue CEO James Low was keen to protect his interests and also ensure the safety of staff and those that will be enjoying the pier and its new amenities.

One important step in this process has been investing in state-of-the-art ANSUL Fire Suppression Systems on both the ranges in the takeaway and restaurant. With discharge nozzles covering each fry pan and the extract ventilation system, they emit a wet chemical to immediately extinguish a flame, thereby preventing a fire from starting. On top of this, Deep Blue has the added peace of mind that its business is protected by taking out an insurance policy with industry expert Wrapped which reflects the working practices of fish and chip shops.

James comments: “South Parade Pier will be a fantastic venue for us when the refurbishment is complete, it’s a stunning building and there’s nothing quite like fish and chips when you’re enjoying a day at the seaside. But unfortunately piers do not have a great track record when it comes to fires. In fact, this pier has already experienced two devastating fires in its history. By its very nature, a fish and chip shop brings with it its own set of concerns, so for us it was of paramount importance to do everything we can to safeguard the pier and our business.

“The pier represents a huge investment for us and we wouldn’t be investing unless we knew we had adequate protection, both in terms of a fire prevention system which will stop a fire in it tracks, as well as a robust insurance policy that understands our working practices and we are confident will pay out should the worse happen.

“At the height of the summer season, the pier will be at capacity with families enjoying the spirit of the seaside. With the ANSUL Fire Suppression System, backed up by our Wrapped insurance policy, we can get on with running the business in the knowledge that we are protected, along with our staff and the public too.”

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